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Guide to Repairs

Guide to Repairs

There are 3 main work streams:

Responsive Repairs (RR) – This is where the day to day repairs that get called through to the contact centre are raised and the majority of the works raised by the surveyors and EHO’s go through this work stream.

From a resident perspective the work stream that will be used to carry out day-to-day or ‘non planned’ repairs is responsive repairs.

Major works – This is the work stream where the DHIP (decent homes investment plan) and LHS (Lambeth Housing Standard) works are carried out, this includes roofs, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, rewires and large scale high value projects. This stream will carry out works to multiple properties at a time and not individual ones.

Planned and cyclical maintenance (PCM) – This is the works stream that is managed by our office for predominately communal works, however it is not exclusive to communal works. The works in this stream are identified by the EHO’s, patch surveyors, and through data analysis to identify trends in works carried out on the Responsive Repairs stream and have a programme of works to minimise repeat orders.

There is also a Void works stream which deals exclusively with empty homes.

For any repair a tenant should call the contact centre and they will either raise an order there and then or if required send a task order to our responsive repairs team.

If an order is raised by the contact centre a works order reference number and priority will be given (PR0-PR5) in most cases an appointment can be made there and then via our systems. On some occasions where an appointment cannot be booked we will assign the order to the Planner for the relevant contractor and they will contact the resident to book an appointment. If the repair is not carried out within the agreed time frame or by the appointment slot a call should be logged via the contact centre and they will either contact the contractor directly or our RR or solutions teams to escalate the matter and get a new appointment booked.

Communal repairs, although raised within the RR work stream are slightly different. When a call is made via the call centre they will send a task order to the EHO for the area who will then inspect the request on their next visit to the estate. An initial assessment will be made…


see link to PDF at the top for more

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