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London Marathon Charitable Trust

Projects That Are Eligible For Funding

We only fund:
  • projects that are located in:
    • one or more of the 32 London Boroughs and/or the City of London
    • Surrey
    • South Northamptonshire
    • Aylesbury Vale
  • Capital expenses of projects that have realistic plans to maintain or increase the numbers of people participating in sport and physical activity.
  • Projects that have realistic plans for their long term sustainability without additional funding from us once you have completed your capital project.
  • Projects that will be open to the local community for a significant proportion of each year.

Current Priorities

Our current priorities are to provide funds for the capital component of projects that encourage and support increased participation in sport and physical activity, especially among one or more of the following:

  • Individuals who are currently physically inactive or who have low levels of activity
  • Groups that are currently physically inactive or who have low levels of activity
  • Children and young people outside of school hours
We look favourably on projects that
  • Are led and run by inspiring individuals and organisations that have a track record of engaging and supporting those who are physically inactive or who have low levels of activity to participate in sports and physical activity.
  • Involve robust and realistic strategies for encouraging and supporting those who are physically inactive or who have low levels of activity to participate in sports and physical activity.
  • Are innovative and creative.

Our Grant Programmes

We have two open grant programmes to which applications can be made:

Small Capital Project Grants

The Small Capital Project Grants Programme provides awards of between £5,000 and £19,999 to small projects which aim to help improve existing amenities or to build new facilities that will enable organisations to encourage and support more people to become involved in sport and physical activity, particularly those who are currently physically inactive.

We have a simple, one-stage online application process for our Small Capital Project Grants. This is a rolling grant programme and applications are considered on a quarterly basis.

Major Capital Project Grants

The Major Capital Projects Grants Programme provides funds of between £20,000 and £150,000 for the renovation, modernisation or creation of significant facilities for organisations that have already shown a commitment to encouraging and supporting people who are not physically active to participate in sporting activities. We expect successful applicants to have in place robust business plans as well as strategies for increasing participation into the future along with plans for monitoring and evaluating their impact.

We have a two-stage online application process for our Major Capital Grants Programme. Stage 1: Our Grants Sub-committee meets on a quarterly basis. The Sub-committee’s role is to make recommendations to the full Trustee Board as to which applications should be invited to stage 2. Trustees’ Meetings take place quarterly.

Stage 2: Those applicants invited to progress to stage 2 have 12 months in which to submit a detailed application for consideration at one of the quarterly Trustees’ meetings.

Strategic Grants

The Trustees have set up a separate fund for which we solicit applications for the purchase and maintenance of strategic public sports grounds and facilities to preserve them from development. Strategic grants are selected on an invitation-only basis; we do not accept unsolicited applications. When we support the preservation of a major playing field, we expect a deed of dedication to be entered into to ensure that these important sites are preserved for sport and recreation in perpetuity.

Conditions Attached To Grant Offers:

Grantees are responsible for up-front payment of all grant related costs and the grant will be paid only on satisfactory completion of the works and submission of the relevant accounts.

The grant offer may be withdrawn after 12 months if it is not taken up.

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