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Repairs – What we don’t know and should?

I’m keeping this event stuck to the top of our homepage for a few weeks, so we can continue the discussion we started on Monday about Repairs. Please add your comments in the comments box – or put your questions in the REPAIRS topic in the FORUM.

Monday September 21st 7pm-9pm
Notre Dame Hall, 1 Worsopp Drive, Clapham, London SW4 9QU

Guest Speakers: Paul Webb, Strategic Area Housing Manager at Lambeth (speaking on Estate Walk Abouts) and Andrew Jacques, Head of Repairs

Our September meeting focuses on Repairs. Repairs, both private and communal, have been identified as the biggest issue for many TRAs. Presentations and reports are given at Lambeth Town Hall and the Area Housing Forums that show the stats being recorded are showing remarkable improvements in reducing outstanding repairs and response times. Yet many residents have personal experiences or anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

Some of the issues covered will include

1) How should we report a) communal b) private repairs
2) What’s the system – how do jobs get logged, how do they get assigned a priority, how many prioritisations are there, and what time does each one take, how the call centres work, what we should expect from face-to-face customer care centres
3) What are major works and what are other categories of repairs – how do they affect residents?
4) What should a resident do if a repair a) isn’t done b) isn’t done completely c) isn’t done to a satisfactory level
5) Do all repairs get followed up by the Solutions Team?
6) What to do on walk-abouts, template forms, who to invite, what type of things should be looked at?
7) How to bid for the Phone Mast community fund? What sort of major works are you looking to fund?
8) How residents can get engaged with communal repairs
9) What youth training schemes are out there that could complete simple repairs or decorating
10) How we should manage a monthly repairs drop-in session

This is the official template for Walkabouts: Walkabout template

Here’s what Edmundsbury Court Estate produced, with Guide to Repairs on the reverse: walkabout form – template

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.12.25


Start the conversation now, on our Repairs Forum page.

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