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Free accredited entry level horticultural course

Groundwork London through Incredible Edible Lambeth offer a free accredited entry-level horticultural course (AQA qualification).  It is going to be run over two Wednesdays: Wednesday 16th September & Wednesday 23rd September from 10am-4:30pm at Rosendale Allotments on the other side of Brockwell Park. 
Unit title: Vegetable Growing 
Unit Description: This practical-based unit will enable the student to develop basic techniques and practical skills related to the outdoor production of vegetables. The student will work on an outdoor vegetable plot backed up by classroom activities.
Day 1.
Morning session 10am – 1pm
Introduction and Health & Safety 
Weeds and weeding – students to look at some common weeds and learn about different weeding tools.
Preparing ground for sowing seeds
Sowing root crops
LUNCH 1pm – 1:45
Afternoon session 1:45pm – 4pm
Growing beans and creating climbing structures for plants
Planting salad crops

Thinning out and spacing plants correctly


Day 2
Morning session 10am – 1pm
Pests and diseases – students will learn about common pests and diseases and how to protect their crops
Designing a veg planting scheme
LUNCH 1pm – 1:45
Afternoon session 1:45pm – 4pm
Planting onion sets
Planting potatoes
Rosendale Allotments
The order and timing of the topics is subject to change, but the content is fixed. Each of the subjects will be assessed. Assessment is largely through observed practical tasks, and we hope this will be informal and not stressful for the students. 
It is expected that all student will successfully leave the course with the qualification. If students fail any of the assessed tasks, they will be able to resit the task before the 2 day course finishes. If they struggle with a particular part and are unable the complete the assessed tasks within the 2 days, the course will be repeated later in the summer and the student would be invited to come again to resit that part of the assessment again.

Each student will receive a simple course pack detailing the subjects covered and some notes for future reference. Students will not be required to read the pack in order to complete the assessments, as all the content will be explained and demonstrated. There may be some topics for which students will be asked to provide a short written answer (e.g. the name of a pest, and a method to get rid of it). Students with additional learning needs can provide their answers verbally for this.


The course will be useful for anyone wanting to learn some practical gardening skills, gain a new qualification and get advice on further training and employment. We will take photos to evidence the students acheivements, but students will also be welcome to use these to celebrate their work, or when applying for further work or training.

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