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Young Lambeth Cooperative

The Young Lambeth Cooperative aims to do four important things in the local community:

As a membership organisation, the YLC wants to have a vibrant and diverse membership which will be active in deciding on the best ways to deliver services for the young people of Lambeth.

Members can vote in our online polls, take part in deciding how money is spent on local services.  Help to run the YLC itself and get access to opportunities with our partners and read about the latest news. We also have regular events, and are always on the lookout for ways to get involved in projects which affect our services. We will keep you up to date with everything here, and via our newsletter and Twitter.

When you become a member, you’re not only helping to have an impact on the next generation of young people in Lambeth, but you’re also gaining the opportunity to develop your own skills.  Take a look at some of the opportunities available.


Commissioning is the process of deciding where the money goes. Our commissioning process will begin late spring and will involve young people, local businesses, local community/youth centres and organisations meeting in their neighbourhoods to come up with projects for the young people in their communities.

Engaging with our community 

The whole purpose of the YLC is to get more local people involved in their local services so we have modelled our work around outreach and engagement, we want to visit your neighbourhood and hear what’s the most important thing about young people’s services in your area.

Bringing more money to Lambeth

The YLC has positioned itself to acquire funding from the larger investment companies and funding streams. This means more money for Lambeth’s young people! We also want to work with the community at a local level to support in smaller-scale fundraising for youth activities.

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