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CEFL is a not-for-profit community-led organisation in Lambeth, formed in 2011; company registered in 2012. Our activities are governed by five elected Board of Directors who are accountable to our stakeholder.

CEFL’s work focuses on developing and delivering community-led projects that help support the social, emotional, educational and economic needs of children, young people and their families with an extended aim to reach to the whole of their community and helping them to discover and achieve their full potential.

Our client profile covers all groups. However, priority is given to children, young people and families who are residents of Lambeth and who are identified to be, emotionally, socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged by social deprivation index definition.

We achieve our aims through providing:

  • extra study support schooling to improve attainment for 7-16 year olds
  • internship programme supporting young people 16 to 24 year olds develop self confidence, employability skills
  • targeted workshops improve outcomes for parents.

Our activities are managed and delivered by:

  • 5 Committee of Directors
  • 2 Executive volunteers selected from the Board
  • paid sessional workers (tutors and project workers)
  • volunteers from the community we serve.

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