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  1. jharbourne

    A couple of thoughts from last night’s discussion:

    At the moment, each TRA can send two reps from each estate to Area Housing Forums.
    The new structure does not specify who the resident reps will be, how they will appointed/elected, or how many ‘Areas’ there will be – between 3-7?
    We’ve asked that there will be a ‘co-production working party’ (i.e. resident and officers/councillors) discussion meeting to work out these things.

    The new forums will definitely have to REALLY involve residents who attend – be a genuine part of the discussion, policy making, decision making and budgets.

    It was also recognised that reps often do not come to Area Housing Forums to do Area Housing Forum business, but are often motivated to turn up to bring a particular issue that affects them or their estate – to have a face-to-face discussion with those who can affect change (officers and councillors). We should look at creating a forum for people to bring their issues to officers and councillors, so that the ‘executive’ forum can get on with it’s business and policy making with less interruption, whilst creating a forum where residents can be heard without being told to ‘keep to the agenda’.

  2. jharbourne

    Dear TC Delegates
    Tenants Council Executive would like to invite you to an informal meeting of Tenants Council to discuss the Council’s proposals to reform Resident Engagement. “What do we as reps think of these proposals, and what would we like to see as the way forward for Resident Engagement in the Borough? Please come and along and have your say!”
    The meeting is on 12 November 2015 from 19:00 in the Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, International House, SW9 7QE.

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