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Youth in Excellence

Youth Poetry Competition – ‘War and Peace in Today’s World’

Youth in Excellence’s 2nd Annual Poetry Competition is now open!

This year’s theme is ‘War and Peace in Today’s World’ open to young people up to age 25.


This century has seen yet another turbulent roller-coaster of troubled times, in which the world we live in continues to be faced with uncertainties and conflict through wars, unrest and violent agendas.

Youth in Excellence have chosen ‘War and Peace in Today’s World’ as their theme for this year’s poetry competition and Universal Children’s Day event (20th November) opening up a whirlpool of thought for entrants to express their views, fears, hopes and solutions through written word and supported imagery.



This theme opens up a lot of political and social debate regarding countries all over the world who are at war over issues such as oil, land, religion, resources and money.

But there is also conflict on other levels too.

For example within families and relationships; gangs and communities and being at war with ourselves at times too.

So what does War mean to you?

And what are your visions of Peace?

Through conflict there are opportunities for resolution, learning and growing.

New beginnings where individuals, families, languages, communities, cultures and ages can seek to appreciate differences and embrace similarities.

Through their poetry competition, they hope to unlock personal perceptions and contribute to the journey of finding solutions and bringing peace to our homelands, our homes and our minds.

Full entry details at www.youthinexcellence com/competition2016

Their previous published book ‘Identity – The Anthology’ is available on Amazon £8.96



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