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TC/LH (alternative) survey: “New ways of engagement”

In October 2015, Lambeth Council received a Cabinet Report that included proposals to change the current approach to resident engagement with residents in their Council properties.

Lambeth Council is intent on destroying residents’ ability to have a real say in how our housing is run, by replacing the current democratically elected resident-led bodies with supermarket style “task and finish groups”. These groups risk being composed of self-selected residents who are then hand-picked by the council to look at single issues rather than focusing on the bigger picture. Each group will exist in isolation, thus effectively ending over thirty years of the democratically elected and accountable resident-focused structures and the ability to get things done here in Lambeth.

If Lambeth Council gets its way these proposals are likely to be implemented quickly so we will have to act fast if we wish to retain our valued resident (Tenants and Leaseholder) structures.

We have prepared a joint statement to explain our thoughts and concerns about the Council’s proposals. This is attached.

What can you do?

  1. Please fill in our alternative survey, or use the attached form. We produced this survey because the questionnaire the council have put together seeks only to justify taking apart our current structure of TRAs having representatives on Tenants Council, Leasehold Council and Area Forums. Also attached is a printable version you can make available to residents who don’t have access to the internet. The completed forms should be scanned and then returned to this email address. If you wish to share the link to the online survey, please use this link:
  2. You can fill in the council’s survey objecting to the proposed new model and demanding that the existing democratically accountable model be kept.
  3. You can write to your Ward councillors objecting to the proposals to destroy our democratic Tenant and Leaseholder representation and register your objection to the council’s plan to put in place unrepresentative and undemocratic supermarket style “Task and Finish groups” that answer to no one but Council Officers.

Please circulate this email as widely as possible within your community and encourage residents to complete our survey by Monday 2 May 2016.

Glen Hellen (Chair – Tenants Council) & Stephen Gyte (Chair – Leaseholder Council)

TC LC Joint Exec statement

LCTC Res Engmt Survey

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