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What will Lambeth be in 2020?

Our Lambeth 

Help us to plan Lambeth’s future. This is part of our work to develop a plan for the Lambeth that sets out what we want Lambeth to be like by 2020 and to work out how we can all play our part in making this happen.

We would really like to give you more information and give you more opportunities to contribute. If you are happy please give us your name, email and other details if you are happy to – fill out the attached form and return it by post to
Community Plan Team
3rd floor, Olive Morris House, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RD


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OurLambeth2020 (PDF)

We are talking to many people about the future of Lambeth. Everyone in Lambeth is interested in where we’re heading and we are getting Lambeth people involved, by having conversations with lots of people about the future of the borough. The way that local residents, health services, the police, the council, local businesses and charities work together is important so we want to agree together the issues that matter.

Some of the things we think are important include: letting everyone have chances to succeed; getting investment into the borough;and focusing on what we are good at, such as our cultural activities and also our health innovation.

There are three things therefore we think we should focus on:

  1. Letting everyone have equal opportunities to achieve their ambitions
  2. Getting investment into the borough
  3. Making sure we have decent neighbourhoods

But these are headlines rather than detail so we want your take on Lambeth.


Question 1 What do you like or dislike about Lambeth?

Everyone will have a different view about what Lambeth is like and what it is known for. If you live in Clapham or work in Norwood you will probably think more about these places than something called Lambeth. But having some idea about what we want Lambeth to be like is helpful in deciding where we put our efforts.


Question 2 What do you think Lambeth is known for at the moment? What could Lambeth be known for in the future?

One of the things that the local council, health and police and other groups have to decide is where to spend their money. We think bringing our efforts and resources together could help but we then need to decide on what. So when we talk about having a decent place to live or making sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally we need to decide what this means – is it about cleaning the streets every day or once a week; is it about spending more on people in care or is it about letting people choose their own path without interfering.


Question 3 What does a decent neighbourhood look like for you?


Question 4 How can we give everyone opportunities to succeed?


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