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Open Garden Estates: 18-19 June

A chance to explore London’s council estates with guided tours around individual gardens and communal green spaces. 

Open Garden Estates is a collective event hosted by the participating estates, whose residents interpret how to stage the day, with the technical support of Architects for Social Housing. More than just an opportunity to bring estate communities together, Open Garden Estates is a chance for participating estates to form connections with ASH and other resistance groups offering support and information about how you might save your homes from councils and developers. Please sign up to Open Garden Estates 2016, and invite local estates and residents from the surrounding neighbourhood to visit your estate.

ASH is usually only contacted by estates after they have gone through the consultation process, by which time the council has gathered much of the information it needs to argue for the demolition of your homes. To counteract this, we want to use Open Garden Estates as a way to combat the threat of regeneration as early as possible in the process.

Architects for Social Housing offers:

  • The truth about the regeneration process, information about the public and private bodies behind it, and advice on how you can fight against the threat it presents to your homes and lives.
  • The truth about the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill, what it will mean for London’s housing estates once it becomes law, and what you can do to oppose it.
  • Support with building community campaigns, contacts with other resident campaigns facing the demolition of their estates, the support of eviction resistance groups, as well as limited funds for flyers, banners and stalls.
  • Architectural design proposals that retain the existing community and its homes while increasing the number of homes on the estate, and in doing so force councils to consider alternatives to demolition.

The more of us get involved the stronger the message we send:

Social housing not social cleansing!

If your estate would like to participate in Open Garden Estates this year, please get in touch with us at

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