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Axe the Housing Act 

The Housing & Planning Act is now the Law

It means: The mass sell-off of social housing and public land + Higher rents and house prices + No secure tenancies for private or social tenants + Subsidies on ‘starter homes’ for the rich to buy + More land, power and money to developers + More estate demolitions + More homelessness

= Which all adds up to Social Cleansing 

Everyone is affected

  • Private renters – whose rents will keep going up and who will have even less chance of buying a home or getting social housing
  • Council tenants – who will lose their secure tenancies if they move, and see their rents rise if their household income goes over £40,000
  • Housing association tenants – who will have to pay more for less while their landlords concentrate on property speculation
  • Leaseholders who will have to move out of the city when the bull-dozers move in to ‘regenerate’ their estates
  • Home owners whose grown children will still live at home because they can’t afford not to

Councillors will be expected to implement the Act and housing workers will be asked to collect higher rents (at the same time as benefits are being cut ) and to evict those who can’t pay.

We all need to stand together to defeat this unjust law

What can we do?

Community groups are holding meetings where you can learn more about how the Act will affect you, and have your say in deciding what we can all do to oppose this law and challenge its implementation.

There are lots of ideas being put forward on what to do next – ranging from councillors saying they will ensure they have no empty proper-ties to sell and continue to issue secure tenancies; to housing associ-ations opting not to introduce Pay to Stay; to residents who say they will occupy council houses that are put up for sale, resist evictions, and block the bulldozing of estates. What do you think?

The fightback is just beginning. Let’s get together and work out what we can do to save our homes. At these upcoming meetings there will be speakers from local housing campaigns, tenants’ organisations and trade unions including Ron Hollis, member of Lambeth Tenants Council. Local councillors are also invited.

Tuesday 7 June 7pm, Kennington Park Community Centre, 8 Harleyford St, SE11 5SY (Supported by Kennington Park Estate TRA) 
Thursday 16 June, 7pm Myatts Field South community hall, Evandale Road, SW9 6QG (Organised by Vassall and Coldharbour Forum) 

If you want to set up a meeting or invite a campaign speaker contact Lambeth Housing Activists on, 07834828292 or — we are part of the Axe the Housing Act national campaign


Saturday June 18th, 12 noon
Hyde Park Corner
Marching to Saville HQ — the global property corporation that ‘advised’ on the new law and looks to profit from it.

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