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Timebanking in Lambeth

Interested in having a Time Bank in your local area? If so Time4Lambeth is for you!

At Paxton Green Time Bank we are working to develop a network of Timebanking ‘hubs’ across Lambeth so that more people in the borough can enjoy the benefits of being a member of a Time Bank.

How we work

We are working in partnership in Lambeth to develop a network of small Time Bank ‘hubs’ that are very local to an area.  We work with any organisations, including TRAs, to develop Time Banks in a way that suits them and we want to work with you!

We’ll provide free tailored support to any TRAs interested in developing a Time Bank. This support can include:

  • Introduction to Timebanking workshops and presentations
  • Free support to develop a Time Bank project including 1-1 training of staff responsible for the Time Bank, help with events and activities, member registration and introduction to time exchange facilitation
  • Free access to and training and indefinite support with specific Timebanking software
  • Asset mapping workshops aiming to map skills and assets and see what participants might want to offer or receive
  • Membership to a network of local Timebanking practitioners to provide mutual support, information, advice and guidance
  • A flexible, responsive and collaborative approach to develop the Time Bank

Timebanking can make a fantastic impact on a local community. The Time Bank helps people to meet others in their community; improve their confidence, self-esteem, health and wellbeing; increases a local sense of community; improves peoples’ employability and helps people get by in tough financial times.

If you are interested in developing a Time Bank through your local TRA please do get in touch. We’d love to work with you, and we think you’d like working with us too!

For further information please contact Dave Goslyn, Time4Lambeth Coordinator using the below details.

Telephone: 07445 450 253
Twitter: @Time4Lambeth
Facebook: Time4Lambeth

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