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Social Value delivered by Lambeth’s housing contractors

2015/2016 Community benefits report

Download the full Annual Report as PDF annual-report-sv2015-16

The six main housing contractors have been delivering social wellbeing value through the LPC and LHS contracts for the past three years. These benefits have mainly been around employment and training but also include wider community benefits such as refurbishing estate facilities or sponsoring resident activities. Lambeth Council have developed a toolkit to monitor and value these benefits, primarily using the HACT methodology. This attributes values to contractors employing residents as well as apprentices, giving work experience and providing employability training eg CV writing/interview skills.

In 2015/16 the total social value generated was £739,324 on contracted budgets of £80m. The relevant 2015 HACT wellbeing values are listed below. Contractors have agreed to include both revenue and capital contracts to ensure social value delivered from both. Targets and performance for 2015/16 included: Outcome  Hact value  Target  Performance 
♦ Full-time employment £11,671 6 4
♦ Apprenticeship £1,747 41 62
♦ work experience £6,460 42 30
♦ Jobs advertised locally £100 54 42
♦ CV activities £807 184 436
Totals 327  574 

As can be seen from above, contractors exceeded the social value target by 79% overall. The apprenticeship figure includes new ones as well as existing as most apprenticeships more than one year. Individual contractor performance varied but the sharing of this information ensures a level playing field for all as well as transparency. Two case are overleaf. In addition to the above employment and training targets a number of community projects were delivered which don’t formally attract a HACT wellbeing value. Community projects in 2015/16 included:

Community facility refurbishments:

  • Laburnham Hall, Streatham

Work experience/shops:

  • 84 young residents through the Skills Academy
  • Various CV writing/mentoring classes

Resident event sponsorship:

  • Community Pride awards sponsorship – contractors contributed £17k
  • Country Show – prizes and promotional materials £1.2k
  • Community action days – estates included Vauxhall 5

Inspiring apprentice joins repairs workforce

Martin Todorov was fascinated with plumbing when he was a little boy at home in Bulgaria.

“What initially fascinated me is the way you can have water running by just turning the tap.”

He often assisted his father who was a plumber by trade. But instead, he started work as an electrical installer.
Three years ago, Martin moved to Streatham, studying for a Level 2 NVQ in plumbing and heating at Croydon College. Despite being seriously hearing-impaired, he navigated four challenging years to qualify.

Martin’s disability has spurred him to succeed even more in his professional life. He’s thinking of going on to level 3, but right now he’s completed his apprenticeship and joined Breyer B-Line’s repairs team.

“My next step is to work full-time with Breyer, going out on site, learning all I can and facing new challenges”.

As part of Keepmoat’s commitment to Lambeth, they offer local people opportunities for training, employment and work experience wherever possible.

Tyrell and Ashleigh are proof of that. Both completed their Apprenticeships and worked as full time Resident Liaison Officers Ashleigh got a great offer to work for another company but Tyrrell is moving on within Keepmoat:

“I’m just about to start my assistant site manager training. I’ve always had support and positive reinforcement.”

Elaine is a recent starter on an RLO apprenticeship:

“I’ve worked as a housing officer, so I know the people skills you need. Keepmoat is a people-focused company, like one big family.”

Joell joined in 2015:

“I’ve been an apprentice carpenter, I’ve worked in retail and developed customer service. This is the perfect mix. My experience is that I’m working with a network of people who are honest about what skills people need – and that brings out the best in you.”

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