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Tackling inequality in Income and Employment – call for evidence for Equality Commission

Lambeth’s Equality Commission will be hosting four events between November 2016 to January 2017 to take a deeper look into the reasons behind persistent inequalities in the borough.

The first event held earlier this month focused on education and learning. The second event will focus on Income and Employment and will be held on Wednesday 23 November 6-8pm at we are 336, Brixton.  We value the insight and contribution you and/or your organisation can make and would be grateful if you can attend.
Please book your free place via Eventbrite.


Lambeth Council have recently launched an Equality Commission to investigate poverty and inequality in Lambeth – particularly poverty and inequality experienced by several communities identified as among those suffering most from these issues. The Commission will run for six months and after analysing all the evidence submitted, will make recommendations on how these issues can be tackled, to central government, city government, and local Lambeth stakeholders.

The Commission will focus on four themes:


Equality in income and employment

Lambeth has enjoyed good economic growth in recent years. This brings a range of benefits – including more local jobs, thriving local businesses and more leisure opportunities. However, we know that not all residents benefit from this growth equally, and that some feel left behind. This includes residents who have not been able to find work, or who cannot work because of personal circumstances such as ill health or disability. Increasingly, it also includes residents who are working but on low incomes. They struggle to meet everyday costs, particularly once the cost of housing is taken into account.

We know that there are some groups of residents who are less likely to be in work or are more likely to be in low paid work. For example, while employment rates for Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) residents have improved over the past five years, they are still more likely to be unemployed. We also know that disabled residents and older residents (age 50+) are much more likely to be unemployed. Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME), disabled residents, and women in work are all more likely to be paid less than the London Living Wage (LLW). We need to tackle inequality in income and employment, whatever causes it.  We want to better understand these issues and need your help to do it.

To find out more and/or submit evidence to the Commission visit alternatively email

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