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Lambeth TRA Newsletter: December 2016

Solon TRA’s successful bid for Big Lottery funding for a community hub finally arrived on the estate three weeks ago. 

It was a tight squeeze to manoeuvre the converted container into position but the contractors craned it in with no problems.

The TRA are now looking to register as a charity and ensure they fulfil the grant conditions of the Big Lottery grant to deliver wellbeing outcomes for the Solon residents. These include employment and health projects.

TRAs with a difference 

There are 5,776 street properties in Lambeth which represents 19% of the total Council stock. These properties tend to be houses split into flats and mixed in with private properties. They are very difficult to get TRAs started. There are only four street property based TRAs in the Borough out of a total of 65.

Friends of Cato Road in Clapham have been particularly active and run regular events (such as a Halloween party) and have turned fly tipping eyesores into community assets like the pocket park (opposite) which they now manage.

Read the full newsletter here: LambethTRANews-Dec16


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