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Clapham Area Housing Forum: Thurs 16 February 7pm

Come along to the Clapham Area Housing Forum

Thursday 16 February 7pm-9pm
at Clapham Methodist Church Hall

to meet, talk and plan with Lambeth Officers, TRAs and Residents
all things to do with your Lambeth housing needs.

The Clapham Area Housing Forum represents 1336 properties – are you one of them?
If so we need your voice.

Whether you represent your street property or estate in an official capacity
(e.g. TRA representative) or a resident who is an interested party – all are welcome to come along!

The meeting is a collaborative forum between officers of Lambeth Council and residents of the area – have your chance to be part of our changing housing landscape.
So if you live on the following estates or street properties, come along – or encourage neighbours to come if you can’t make it.

Meetings are held every 3 months – though this is likely to be the last Area Housing Forum in its current format before it transitions into the new Lambeth structure of “Area Boards”. Area boards will have resident and TRA representation (e.g. 12 TRAs and 3 reps from properties where there are not TRAs) which are nominated by TRAs. If you are interested in being part of the new meetings – please come along.

Estates: Ascot Court Estate, Bowlands Road Estate, Brighton Terrace Estate, Edmundsbury Court Estate, Nelsons Row Estate, Solon Estate, William Bonney Estate, Weir Estate, Thornton Gardens, Poynders Gardens, Sinclair Estate.

Street Properties: Acre Lane, Ashmere Grove, Balloter Road, Bedford Road, Bythorne Street, Cato Road, Clapham Park Road 177-185 (odd), Clapham Park Road 191-205 (odd), Concanon Road, Corrance Road, Ferndale Road, Glendall Road, Hetherington Road, Kenwyn Road, Kepler Road, Nursery Road, Plato Road, Sandmere Road, Santley Street, Shannon Grove, Solon New Road, Solon Road, Tintern Street, Tremadoc Road, Trinity Gardens, Tunstall Road.

If you’re not part of this area – find out about your own local Area Housing Forum on the Lambeth Calendar of Meetings:

Here’s a poster you can print out and display to promote this event: Poster-Feb2017

Find out the core principles of how a Cooperative Council operates and what we should expect: Lambeth-behaviours-cooperative-council

Terms of Reference for this meeting: ToR CAHF

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