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Free courses: Volunteering to Improve your Career, and Beginners Guide to Running Community Projects & Events

High Trees are shortly due to run two courses that we thought may be of particular interest to TRAs.

The first course is Volunteering to Improve Your Career and is aimed at individuals who would like to volunteer to gain new experience and skills to enter or re-enter the workforce or move into new areas where they may lack previous experience. The aim of the course is to ensure that volunteering leads to meaningful benefits for everyone involved and that volunteers clearly understand what their motivation is for volunteering and what they can expect to gain. The course will also help people identify voluntary positions that may be beneficial to them. This 3 week course will run on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm from 1st March to 15th March.

The second course is  Beginner’s Guide to Running Community Projects and Events and is aimed both at people currently working who need to run project and events as part of their work but lack previous experience and people who wish to run projects and events on a voluntary basis in the community. The course will help individuals develop an excellent template for running successful community focused projects and events including how to identify the needs of the local community, how to develop ideas, budget setting, the practical steps needed to make projects and events a success and how to troubleshoot problems! It will also cover how to assess the impact of projects and the different ways you may evaluate them (a key skill for any potential future funding applications). As well as providing skills for individuals current work, the course will also be of real benefit for those who are interested in running events for the community on a voluntary basis and how to ensure these are a success – whether as part of a TRA, alongside other community groups or individuals with ideas about how projects and events might help their communities. This 4 week course will run on Wednesdays from 8th March to 29th March. We are aiming to run this course according to interest, so rather than running this at a fixed time we are waiting to hear from learner’s about whether a morning, afternoon or evening course would be preferred. 

Both courses are free to those on a low income or benefits, £45 for individuals who do not meet this criteria and £150 for organisations.

If any of your beneficiaries are interested in the Volunteering to Improve Your Career course, or anyone connected with your organisation may benefit from the Beginner’s Guide to Running Community Project and Events course, or you have any questions about either of these – please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be contacted on 020 8671 3132, email or pop in and see us at 220 Upper Tulse Hill, London, SW2 2NS.

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