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The People’s Fridge – free surplus food


The People’s Fridge Brixton – what is it?
London’s first community fridge in Brixton, where people and food businesses can leave spare edible food and people who want food can take it.

Where is it?
It’s currently in POP Brixton, at the back, by the Impact Hub. Next to the cash machine. It’s a big, glass-doored fridge.

When is it open?
It’s open seven days a week through the day. It’s closed in the evenings and at night. Just come along and if you see something you want then take it. We ask only that you fill in the log sheet so we can record what has been taken.

Who can take food?
The People’s Fridge is open to everybody.

It’s a judgment-free zone – no need to show ID cards or proof of hunger. The joy is that it’s genuinely community-owned and led. If you’re hungry and want some food, come and get it. It’s always free and needs to get eaten by someone or it’ll go to waste.

How many times can I use it?

As many times as you want. Seriously. Help us out. Come and take some food.

Who can leave food?

Anyone can leave food. But we do have restrictions to keep things safe:

  • No opened/half used packs
    No home cooked food (sorry – we only take cooked food from businesses)
    No eggs, raw meat, fish or seafood
    No food that is or has been frozen
    No food past its *use by* date.

If you have any food you would like to donate, please do. Whenever food gets put in the fridge it always gets taken out and used!

Who has left food so far?
30+ local people as well as local and national cafes and traders, and food distribution schemes. We’re getting regular donations from Sainsbury’s and there is normally a range of baked products and fruit and veg in the fridge.

More information
Come and see the fridge in person. We’re also on Twitter @peoplesfridge, Facebook or you can email on And we’re always looking for volunteers to help us pick up food, do admin, spread the message.

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