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Young Lambeth Co-Op: Changing lives for young people

The Young Lambeth Co-operative (YLC) is a partnership between young people, community members and Lambeth Council to revolutionise the way services for young people are chosen and run.

We’re a membership organisation with 7,000 members living, working or studying in Lambeth – over 40% of them younger than 19. Their insight influences and shapes youth and play services in the Borough.

What do members do?

  • 60 Youth Assessors assess youth work in Lambeth for quality – which improves their critical thinking and community leadership skills.
  • Young Commissioners help influence decisions about who gets our funding.
  • YLC champions are most involved locality by locality talking to other young people about services the area actually needs.
  • YLC members are also in our Steering Group and on the Board.

A voice for all

We work to co-ordinate youth forums across Lambeth, for example school forums. The aim is to bring them together and show that by linking up they can have more influence on what’s provided for young people.

The aim is for young people to have better journeys through youth and play services, where all the provision is based around providing what young people need. It should be in the right place and the right pace for the person, and should be delivered by someone they trust.

Can I join?

If you’re a parent, you can join as a member so your children have a voice – for example, if they’re really interested in sports, or technology, we can speak with providers about what support might be on offer and careers they might go into.

Find out more

  • We’ll be publishing our summer brochure with a list of everything interesting that’s happening this summer, where young people can come to develop new skills and make new friends.
  • We’ll be at the Lambeth Country Show if you want to visit us, or go online.
  • Where to find your local youth services providers: Map of local youth providers


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