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Shoppers in Brixton Open Air Market

Ride the Brixton Wave

“We want to boost businesses and offer something exciting to locals of all ages. We know the area is evolving, drawing in people from across London and beyond. Brixton Wave aims to make sure locals don’t miss out on the exciting arts, food and shopping we have here.”- Ros Griffiths, Brixton Wave organiser

Happy businesses, happy customers

“It’s about changing the experience. We want local businesses to have extra appeal to local people. There’ll be discounts for local people, maybe a DJ spinning some tunes or a barber in the trainers shop. The whole event will be tied together with a special Brixton Wave mobile app. It puts listings and local knowledge at your fingertips.

Friday foodie day

“Day one (11 August) focuses on food and drink and includes a taster menu, with small dishes at different restaurants throughout the day. Use the Brixton Wave app to plan your tasting tour. Some places have children’s menus – we’ll have over-55s menus to be different and appealing.

 Saturday shoppers … and Saturday sounds

“The second day (12 August)  taps into Brixton’s unique range of shopping choices. There’ll be exclusive discounts and offers in the shops via your phone. Your phone is always with you and the app shows the nearest offer, or the kind of offer you’re looking for. Saturday also features local Latin and Caribbean music artists out in open spaces, including Brixton Village, so the music is integrated with the shopping experience.

Future wave

“Brixton Wave’s vision is to develop the festival further. We want it to become a new community asset – part of the food, arts and cultural legacy. Our aim is to celebrate all that is good about the area and to support those who are here to make the most of modern Brixton.”

Join the wave

If you’re a local business and want to attract more weekend visitors, contact Brixton Wave right now about getting a featured place on Friday or Saturday. You need to make contact by the end of July.

If you want to know more contact Brixton Wave

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