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Cycle training courses in lambeth

Get on your bike!

Cycle Confident aim to empower everyone in Lambeth to cycle confidently and safely on London roads. You probably already know someone who has done their training courses.

Since 2007 Cycle Confident has instructed over 90,000 people, from Balance Bikes for toddlers, Bikeability ages 7-11, to all levels of adult cyclists – whether cycling to the local store or commuting on London’s new cycle paths. Cycle Confident has even taught adults and children to ride a bike in less than an hour.

Bicycle: why cycle? 

  • Cycling reduces your carbon footprint and provides a sense of success, independence and achievement.
  • In cities, cycling beats the traffic. You can take shortcuts and soak up the scenery and at weekends take to parks or paths.
  • Physical exercise on your bike is much better than waiting for trains or buses. Plus, no fees – the outdoors is your gym.
  • Time is money – and cycling saves both. An annual travelcard for zones 1 to 2 is £1,320. That’s 15km travelling each day. You can probably get a quality used bike with accessories under £400 and 15km a day’s wear and tear, you’ll pay £100 maintenance cost at most. So in a year, you save £820! And you don’t have to buy a new bike every year. London is flat, so you don’t need a racing bike. You can ride in street clothes buy cycle-specific clothing to ride in all weathers.

Help to buy your bike?

Is your employer with the Cycle to Work Scheme? You can get tax free transport with a budget to purchase your bike and lights, locks, helmet, etc Visit their website.

Find the training that fits

Check the Cycle Confident website to book beginner, intermediate and on-road courses including School Courses, 1 to 1 Sessions, Led Rides, Maintenance Classes, Dr Bike sessions and Group cycle training on Clapham Common.

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