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Woman with microphone in front of whiteboard headed 'the patient experience' over brainstormed ideas

Black Thrive goes live

Black Thrive is a new partnership of communities and services, seeking to improve the prevention and treatment of mental illness and the social causes behind it for Black people in Lambeth.

The partnership aims to address the social issues that mean Lambeth’s Black communities still face higher levels of mental illness than other groups and often have worse outcomes within the care system. Black Thrive is based on the principle that the solution to a long-term problem must be more than one organisation or service doing a better job. Instead, it’s partners develop complementary initiatives and solutions.

Everyday stress

Cllr Jacqui Dyer played an essential role in setting up Black Thrive and received the MBE for her work on improving mental health in the UK. She stated that it’s the “everyday stresses of life” that create the situations that bring people into contact with mental health services.

Equal partners

Black Thrive picks up on from work done by the Black Wellbeing Board and other pioneers. It’s different from earlier ideas to face the challenges of Black mental health because it recognises the community and statutory partners as equals, working together to develop and deliver change mental health services at both the strategic and operational levels.

Get involved

Next steps

We will launch a video-based challenge and solution forum in the Autumn of 2017. It will be a place for you to post issues that you would like to share with the Black Thrive community so we can work together to solve them. If you would like to create and post a video (to share), here are some easy instructions to post to Youtube.

To talk to someone about mental health and wellbeing in Lambeth

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