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Community Links: National Tower Block Campaign

Community Links ran the National Tower Blocks Network in the 1980s and 1990s, to gather and share information about the issues in tower blocks. We published two National Tower Blocks Directories which contained details gathered from tower blocks owners and from tenants and community groups.

The information that we collected enabled us to share good practice and also it supported local and national campaigning. This campaigning led to the demolition of structurally unsound large panel system blocks from Ronan Point in Newham to Royston Hill in Glasgow. The campaign had national impact and the government gave instructions to local authorities to deal with the structural faults in all similar blocks.

People who were involved in the past, including our expert advisers, and people who are currently affected have suggested that we try to develop a Tower Blocks Network again. It would focus on fire safety issues and gather information about tenants and residents’ specific concerns in their blocks and about their views on the proposed national changes which are being considered within Building Regulations (eg sprinklers, gas disconnection). The aim would be to do all in our power to prevent a fire such as Grenfell ever happening again, to ensure that all the factors are fully considered irrespective of cost and that tenants and residents are integrated into the decision-making processes of the future.

Do you involve residents who live on high-rise estates? Would you, or they, like to be involved?  Can you help us to gather this information?

If you can please contact me

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