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TRifocal: funded by EU life

‘TRiFOCAL’ – Transforming City Food Habits for Life

Tomato Bake

Prevent food waste – use up leftovers

Veolia are asking residents to help tackle food waste in Lambeth by sending in recipes or food saving tips, starring in a film making their recipe in their own kitchen, or letting their kitchen be a film location. Your recipes or ‘waste not want not’ food tips can help transform food habits in Lambeth and across London

Lambeth is part of ‘TRiFOCAL’ – Transforming City Food Habits for Life, an innovative EU-funded project designed to tackle food waste. As part of it, , Veolia will produce cooking/kitchen skills videos about using up leftover ingredients, and keep food from going off. People aged 18-34 waste a third more food than those aged 65+. Our campaign aims to help them learn how the more mature generation has mastered the art of ‘waste not, want not’.


Send us a recipe

We’re looking for delicious, healthy recipes which prevent food waste or use up leftovers –  like shepherd’s pie using leftover roast lamb, banana bread with browning bananas, or a good old-fashioned soup making the most out of whatever’s in the fridge. Please email your recipe with a photo of the dish, if possible. Chosen recipes will feature in a cookery book, or be showcased on video.

Star in a video

We want to film senior members of our community (age 65+) teaching recipes and food-saving kitchen skills to the 18-34 age group. If you’re confident in front of a camera and would like to help reduce food waste, we’d love to hear from you. The videos will be shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Lend us your kitchen

Finally, we’re looking for bright, spacious kitchens with good, natural light to film in. If you wouldn’t mind ypour kitchen becoming a TV studio (and video star) for a couple of hours, please email.

Bigger than London!

Over half the 900,000 tonnes of food thrown away in London each year is perfectly edible. Wasting it makes no sense either environmentally or economically. The TRiFOCAL project will test ideas that could be rolled out in cities all over Europe, and it’s great to have this opportunity to make a contribution to such an important cause.

All recipes need to be emailed in by Saturday 30 September, with filming early October.



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