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David Bowie on Brixton Pound £10 note

London Borough of Culture – send a photo of your inspiration

David Bowie on Brixton Pound £10 note

Brixton £ Bowie £10

Lambeth is bidding to the Mayor of London to become London Borough of Culture in 2019 or 2020.  Inspired by the UK City and European Capital of Culture awards, the London Borough of Culture is a new initiative aiming to capture the energy and imagination of an entire city.

Lambeth’s bid needs to be based on what people living and working in the Borough would like to see, run and participate in.  We have worked with groups from across Lambeth who have identified as being part of a passionate and open-minded community with a radical and campaigning spirit.  We want your help to express this in a creative project we’re running as part of the bid process, to show the Mayor what culture means for all of us.

Please send us an image of a person from Lambeth, alive or dead, who has been or is,  important to you as a passionate peoples champion or influential radical thinker for your community. They could be involved in music or the arts, politics or someone from your neighbourhood.  We will curate all images into a collection and show them publicly – how and where yet to be decided!

We’d love to hear from you so please back the bid and show the Mayor the people of Lambeth are fully behind Lambeth winning!

Please make sure your pictures or photos are: High resolution (good quality), high contrast (light and dark), and the person’s face or body fills the frame. Please send photos to: by Friday 10 November.

Your support will make a huge difference. You can also visit the website to: Submit an idea Become a partner or Share your support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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