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memorial tree planting for Ivor Picardo 10/2/178 - rainbow over Brixton Orchard

Memorial tree planting for Ivor Picardo 10 February 2018

Urban Growth are arranging a memorial tree planting for Ivor Picardo on February 10th.

I’m sorry we have not been able to give more advance notice. However, I hope that many of you will be able to attend.


We are arranging for a memorial plaque, and would appreciate suggestions of what it should say. We would also welcome your suggestions – as many other gardeners knew him better than any of us at Urban Growth did, of what might be said or specifically done on the day itself.

We would also very much appreciate word being spread to other interested parties, about the event.

If you have any comments about the existing text of the eventbrite page, suggestions for the plaque, or anything else, please contact Seb Wood, orchard manager

The event is listed here – please do sign up if you intend to come along.

We are delighted to be able to host this day, but very much hope that you, who knew Ivor so well, will make it your own.

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