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Lambeth Homeowners AGM

The Lambeth Homeowners Association, the association set up by leaseholders to support and represent leaseholders in Lambeth, have recently had a lively and constructive AGM on 9 June. 62 members gave up their sunny Saturday morning to attend the meeting and the feedback and comments were very helpful.



The elections at the end of the meeting resulted in a new committee. Names of the new committee members are below.

We have six more places on the committee and would welcome applications. We are keen to keep improving diversity and experience as well as share the activities we are doing on behalf of all members.

Committee membership is not onerous: one evening meeting a month for a few hours plus work in between on topics that we want to engage in. To apply email:


Members gave the committee the following mandates:

  • To continue the policy of constructive but critical engagement with Lambeth Council (we have written to Councillor Paul Gadsby, Member for Housing, asking for a meeting to take this forward).
  • To formalise a working group that will compile a dossier on Major Works and Service Charge issues. This is now underway. 28 members signed up to be included in the dossier during the AGM and we will contact them in the coming weeks. If you were not at the AGM and want the group to contact you please email:  (please note that this email address is only for the dossier and do not, at this stage, send evidence. Just register for the working group to contact you).
  • To establish a system to raise funding for the LHA through crowdfunding, donation etc but not through membership fees. Members with experience of fundraising volunteered to help set this up and will circulate information soon. Funding would cover regular meetings, advice on collective action etc.
    Lambeth Council has said, at official level, that they cannot fund us but we note that neighbouring boroughs do (we will follow-up on this).
  • To liaise with neighbouring borough leaseholders groups and other interest groups to gather information and understand how others deal with problems we all face.
  • To hold regular, topic-specific, meetings. Ideas for future meetings include having legal experts present and discuss major works and service charge issues and another on insurance.


Help, support, offers of expertise or facilities are extremely valuable.

One member could offer a free venue for meetings, others volunteered experience in fund-raising, IT and communications. If you can help in this way, please let us know. Use the same email address as above.


Please do keep on supporting the LHA and each other via the forum. If you can, form local and subject matter groups.

The committee doesn’t have the monopoly on any of this. It is what makes us powerful. We are a group that is working together for a shared aim of better homes, better value for money and better service from Lambeth Council in its fiduciary duty to protect our interests.

Stop Press: Homeowner Assembly:

We understand that Lambeth Council has sent an invitation via their Lambeth 500 network to a Homeowner Assembly on 5 July. We don’t know whether the invitation went to all leaseholders in the Lambeth 500 or whether other leaseholders will be invited. We have asked Cllr Gadsby for clarification and whether Lambeth Council will let us to be part of the Homeowner Assembly, including circulating joining information.

At the moment, we are not involved as an Association. If you do attend (or participate in other resident engagement activities) please take any opportunity to press for the LHA to be recognised by Lambeth Council commensurate with its more than 750 strong membership and report back on the event via the forum so that everyone can be informed.


Kat Leishman, Chair
Malcolm Russell, Vice Chair
Bruce McGregor, Secretary
Eva Gomez
Ivy Serres
Leanne Forbes
Nancy Lopez
Peter Lennard
Richard Baker
Sybil Pereira

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