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About us

Doing it for Ourselves – the Lambeth TRA Network handout at the 2015 Tenants Conference

Doing it for Ourselves – the Lambeth TRA Network handout at the 2015 Tenants Conference



The Lambeth TRA Network brings together chairs, vice-chairs, secretaries and treasurers (or their delegates and aspiring leaders) running Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) in Lambeth to:

– Develop strategies that drive best practices within their respective TRAs (TRAs learning off each other)
– Support TRA leaders in their efforts
– Help develop their TRA’s leadership skills and talents
– Provide a platform for cross-TRA collaboration, access to sharing resources, skills and knowledge
– Encourage member networks to expand their resident engagement
– Increase diversity and inclusion for TRAs


Membership is voluntary and will, in the main, consist of chairs, vice-chairs, secretaries and treasurers running TRAs in Lambeth (or their delegates and aspiring leaders). The number of delegates would tend to be small, usually two or three per estate, and ideally representative across Lambeth – though, as we get started, we encourage as many as possible to attend.

Consistency is important and membership brings with it the responsibility to demonstrate commitment to the network’s success through regular attendance at meetings and seeing actions through to completion. If on occasion members are not available they should ensure at least one delegate from their estate attends and is fully briefed about the content of prior meetings.


The Lambeth TRA Network values relate to the behaviours that we believe will determine and guarantee our success. We are guided by the fundamental principle of providing support, both individually and collectively, to enable a sustainable and inclusive group. Our core values are:

– Collaboration and partnership
– Commitment and unity
– Encouraging openness and respecting differences between member TRAs
– Professionalism and the promotion of best practice


Our values are linked to our responsibilities:

– Sharing: contributing knowledge, best practices, contacts and resources irrespective of individual networks’ capability to reciprocate on a similar basis.

– Participating: consistently inputting to meetings and initiatives in a way that supports TRA Network’s purpose and the agenda topics in hand.

– Inclusiveness: understanding that individual TRAs have differing objectives and sometimes certain topics and views may not be common to the whole group but remain valid.

– Conducting ourselves by the same standards expected of us in our day-to-day roles.


Outputs and actions from meetings will be recorded as minutes and shared post-meeting.

Wherever possible, The Lambeth TRA Network will leverage inclusive (cross-platform) technology to maximise efficiency. The use of technology will include an online presence to hold information such as:

– A membership list with contact details of network members
– TRA member’s profiles
– Agenda related documents
– Speaker profiles
– White paper and articles
– Links to other relevant resources



Meetings are expected to take place approximately monthly/every two months.


Members of The Lambeth TRA Network have the opportunity to suggest agenda items. However as a minimum, they will be:

– Review of actions carried forward
– Focus topics agreed by members
– Individual network updates
– Notices and announcements

Agendas shall be provided two weeks before the meeting with reminders closer to the meeting date.


Hosting of meetings will rotate between member estates. Responsibilities when hosting will include:

– Organising and providing the venue, date/time, refreshments and other logistics such as informing security of the attendee list and ensuring name badges are provided
– Distributing invitations, tracking attendance and sending reminders where appropriate
– Approaching speakers and facilitators with the help of other network members as necessary
– Creating the agenda, distributing meeting materials and providing packs for the meeting as required
– Providing minutes and outcomes within one week of the meeting

How the Lambeth TRA Network came about

The Lambeth TRA Network was born at the 2014 Lambeth’s Tenants’ conference, when I met so many amazing people who had done amazing things in their communities. I had just been ‘thrown in the deep end’ chairing my TRA, and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I said to Mark Howarth “wouldn’t it be great if we could get together more than once a year – maybe on a regular basis” – and that was the start of the TRA Network.

We held our first meeting at the beginning of 2015, which was really well attended, and by the end of the year we were hosting our own workshop session at the 2015 Lambeth Tenants Conference.

Jonathan Harbourne – Founder and Chair

The Story of the TRA Network

Edmundsbury Court Estate from Edmundsbury Hall on Vimeo.

In 2015 the TRA Network was shortlisted for the INNOVATION AWARD at the Lambeth Community Pride Awards. This is the video introduction from that event.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.41.51

Download the Lambeth TRA Network’s handout for the 2015 Tenants Conference PDF here: 2015 Tenants Conference TRA handout


These are just a few suggestions to get us going…

• Talk from the National Lottery Fund on how to apply for funding [done]
• Community Halls – how to renovate, online room booking systems and payment, ideas for events
• How to engage Children
• How to reach harder-to-reach residents [done]
• The ‘Cultural Year’ – events that could be celebrated throughout the year
• Organising trips
• Edible Living – allotments and planting
• Homework Clubs [done]
• Brixton Energy – solar panels on the roofs
• Regeneration plans
• Helping Vulnerable Residents  [done]
• Dealing with awkward people (including discrimination, TRA relationships, dealing with the Council, coaching and role-playing, mediation services, unconscious bias training)
• Organising Christmas Parties
• The Lambeth Repair Process – how to get results  [done]

please add to this list by editing this page…

Edit this page

…and all pages in this website, to contribute to the Lambeth TRA Network. Start by logging onto this WordPress site at the very bottom, underneath the logo. If you don’t know how to edit pages, take a look at this video or for more advanced editing, see the Lessons for WordPress. If you get stuck with those – don’t worry, we’ll be holding a workshop in how to create WordPress Websites for your TRA this year.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.35.43

Each meeting could run from 7pm-9pm on a weekday evening. As each meeting will be hosted by a different TRA, it would be an ideal opportunity for the host Estate to provide a 20 minute introduction to their TRA and projects, highlighting their successes and challenges.

Main Topic

Each meeting could have a topic that the membership chooses – please see suggested topics. The topic could be introduced by a keynote speaker or small panel discussion of people who have particular insights into that topic.


Quick-fire Q&As

If your TRA is like mine, we have loads of questions, and an opportunity to ask other TRAs how they do things would be of great value.


Choosing next topic and venue

TRAs are given opportunity to host the next meeting. A facilitated conversation could be had around which topic/s is of most interest or urgency.



An opportunity for refreshments and networking – so that people can have conversations with others about their TRA or projects.

Download the Terms of Reference PDF here: TRA Network Terms of Reference

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