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Lambeth Networking Evening: Training Resources for TRAs

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On March 6th the Lambeth TRA Network hosted an event all about training that would help TRAs and community organisations.

An evening of free training resources specifically for Tenants and Residents Associations in Lambeth

Watch and listen to the Guest Speakers in the video from the evening above:

  • Lambeth Face (financial competency)
  • Lambeth Adult Leaning
  • Diane West (TRA accounts and governance)
  • High Trees

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More about the Guest Speakers:

Diane West

Di will talk about Governance and how to run a more professional TRA. She will cover issues often faced by TRAs, including legal structures to protect TRA committee members from legal or financial risk.

Di will also be offering a free course on Applying for Grant Funding to be held on 8th April 2-5pm at Edmundsbury Community Hall.

Diane West has over 25 years’ experience of working in the voluntary and community sectors. Working with both funders and directly with a wide range of communities. She is committed to strengthening organisations and improving skills of staff, volunteers and trustees.

Sarah Scudamore

Lambeth Adult Learning will present what Lambeth Adult Learning can do for people and for groups, illustrated with photos and highlights of projects they have delivered in the past. In the half hour workshop Sarah will show the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing: how Lambeth Adult Learning could support your TRA with building a community that is more cohesive and more resilient?  She will explore how Lambeth Adult Learning supports people to run things that will bring people together and give them a longer term shared vision.

Lambeth FACE

Dawn from Lambeth FACE will talk on Personal Budgeting. At the end of the session each person should know how to complete a budget sheet and know what it’s all about. She will also prepare information on Universal Credit so that I can squeeze that in time permitting.

Click on the above image to download the whole leaflet in PDF format.

High Trees
Lorna Campbell has a background in communication and recently served in the London Borough of Lambeth as a local councillor with responsibilities as a Cabinet Member leading on Health &Wellbeing, Environment & Sustainability, and Equalities & Community Cohesion. During her two terms of office she gained significant insight into citizens’ behaviours and the need for them to better engage and participate in society and the decision-making process which governs their lives day to day. In her qualified teaching role she delivers training How Society Works which focuses on local politics, the development of groups with an emphasis on finding and using your voice in order to effect change. One aspect of her training covers the development of TRA members.

The course covers:

  • What TRAs are?
  • Building Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Group Dynamics
  • Local Authorities
  • Dealing with conflict
  • How decisions are made

Forming a TRA:

  • Provide residents with an effective way to make their views heard
  • Give residents a greater say in how their estate or block is managed by working with housing services to find solutions
  • Give residents opportunities to meet with the staff and the managers who are responsible for delivering services
  • Give residents a platform to raise funds for their community
  • Provide information to residents about local issues
  • Gets residents knowing each other by organising social projects and events for the local community
  • Bring a sense of achievement to those involved in running the group and give people a chance to meet new people, gain invaluable experience