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Quick Start Guide to adding content to this website

Our website is built on WordPress – which means you can register, log in, and start posting events, news, photographs, comments etc. This is perfect for you to publicise community events, spaces and news in Lambeth.

I would love you to share what’s going on in the borough.
If you’re new to WordPress, here’s a QuickStart guide to get you creating your first post…
(alternatively, see the video at the bottom of this page). We call content (e.g. news item) on WordPress a ‘post’.


6 Easy Steps to Creating your own Pages on our Website

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 09.27.57

1. Register with the site

If you haven’t already registered with the site, you can do so at the very bottom right of the page – see the link in the above picture, circled in RED.

Please register with your name and organisation, as I get such a lot of people setting up accounts to flood the site with spam that I quite often delete accounts with strange names or email addresses.

The system should send you a password automatically.
Sometimes it doesn’t (I don’t know why), but when you come to log in, you can request your password to be sent to you – which does work!

2. Log in

There’s a log in link at the top right hand side of the site.
Log in with your username and password.
Once you’re logged in, you’ll get a new menu bar at the top of the screen – after the W logo.

3. Create your post

Add a new news story
Click +New
Select Post
Fill in the next page

Add a new event
Click +New
Select Event
Fill in the next page

You’ll get the option to add New in the top menu bar, or in a side column menu bar – they do the same thing.


4. Upload a Picture

It is important to select an image to go with your event or story (you’re news or event will look strange if it’s the only one without a picture) – click Select featured image at the bottom of the right hand column (I’ve circled it in red in the screen shot below).

It will ask you to upload an image. Select an image on your computer.

N.B. Use a photo that you’ve taken or have permission to use – not one you’ve stolen from the internet.


5. Select a ‘Category’

If you want your news item to be featured on the front page, you need to check the category box News from the list of categories in the right hand column. Categories is the way WordPress organises your posts within the website. If you don’t select a category, the site won’t know where to put your page.

If your post is to advertise a Community Hall or space, check Hall – and it will organise your page within the Halls directory (or whatever category you choose). If your post is a news item, check News. There are also many other optional categories you can check to describe your post that will help people find your post in the future.


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 09.42.30

6. Publish

Once you’re finished with your page, you can save it as a draft, preview it, and if you’re happy with it, it’s ready to publish (the big blue Publish button at the top of the right hand column). Pressing Publish will put it live on the site! It will also automatically Tweet your story (whatever’t in the Enter title here box), and add it to Facebook and Linked In – without you having to do anything else!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.01.43

For more information about using WordPress, search the internet for “add new post to WordPress”

If you’ve read this help page carefully, and still can’t work out how to add your own content to this page – please email me, as your question (and answer) may help other people, and may help me to improve this page:

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